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10 things you might not know about THE CHICAGO Bears.

The Bears of Chicago owe their name to the Chicago Cubs. The thought was that the sturdy, upstart footballers were genuinely bigger than Cubs — they were as large as Bears. Presently the Chicago Bears are the greatest games group around. However, it didn’t start that way.

1. The Bears were known as the Decatur Staleys — sponsored by a downstate agri-businessman — after they helped organize professional soccer in 1920.The Staleys’ 1st finish was against the town Tractors; their 1st loss was to a Chicago team, the Cardinals.In 1922, the Staleys became the Chicago Bears.

2. If 20-year-old George Halas had arrived on time to a piece outing in 1915, his Bears would possibly ne’er are established.Halas and different Western electrical workers were invited to ride a ship across Michigan for a picnic.however Halas showed up late, presumably as a result of he overslept.By the time Halas arrived, the ship — the Eastland —- had upturned within the Chicago stream, causing quite 800 folks to their deaths.

3. “Monsters of the Midway” 1st brought up the frightening University of Chicago Maroons.Back within the Nineteen Thirties, once football game might solely hope for a similar prominence as school programs, the team fielded by the University of Chicago was the gridironbig, and Midway was a relevancy the campus’ Midway Plaisance.born its soccer program in 1939, and therefore the Bears gobbled up the “Monster” title in 1940 with a championship season.

4. throughout war II, several players quit to serve within the militia.For the 1944 season, nineteen of twenty eight men from the 1943 championship team visited war.That enclosed star quarterback Sid Luckman, World Health Organization participated within the geographic region invasion.Halas, he was the welfare and recreation officer for the seventh Fleet.He reportedly still unbroken track of the Bears’ progress and telegrammed orders from overseas.

5. In 1925, President United States President was introduced to Red farm, World Health Organization was “with the Chicago Bears,” Clearly no partizan, Chief Executive replied, “I’m glad to understand you.


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