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Dallas Cowboys, Dak Prescott injury

The metropolis Cowboys were ready to escape with a 37-34 convince the the big apple Giants on Sunday.

The 2-3 Cowboys currently sit atop the NFC East standings, however their path to the post-season are way more troublesome while not quarterback tree Prescott leading the manner.

Prescott suffered an unpleasant articulatio plana injury on Sunday and was come into being of the sector on a cart.

it had been later determined that Prescott suffered a compound and dislocation of his right articulatio plana.

per Todd Archer of ESPN, Prescott is staring at a four-to-six month recovery method.

Simply put, it’s currently the Andy Dalton show in metropolis.

While the metropolis Cowboys area unit still leading the NFC East, it’s troublesome to imagine this team being smart while not Prescott.

Their defense has been fully terrible and injuries have considerably hurt their offensive line
currently that they need lost their star quarterback, the Cowboys can struggle to be competitive this season.

Top 2021 NFL Draft quarterbacks might be tempting for metropolis Cowboys

They should not be thought-about among the favorites to carry the primary overall choose within the 2021 NFL Draft, however they might be selecting abundant more than we tend to antecedently expected.
if they want the Cowboys club is can to create a move at the quarterback position
Prescott has been fantastic for this team and beyond any doubt deserves to be paid sort of a true franchise quarterback.

However, the Cowboys have appeared hesitant to lock him into a semipermanent extension, opting to require care of different players initial.

metropolis has an unpleasant cap scenario going forward and were forever progressing to struggle to suit an enormous Prescott extension in underneath the cap.

Now, there is also another path to success for this team.

If the metropolis Cowboys find yourself holding a high choose within the 2021 NFL Draft, they might choose to let Prescott get in representation and take a replacement franchise quarterback early.

i’d not decision this a very seemingly state of affairs for this team, however if the Cowboys notice themselves in an exceedingly position to land a premier quarterback prospect

like Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields or Trey Lance, this selection should be taken seriously.

Make no mistake regarding it, tree Prescott may be a premier NFL quarterback UN agency the metropolis Cowboys ought to have fastened into a protracted-term extension a long time agone.

However, their hesitation to try to to thus makes ME surprise if they might look in an exceedingly completely different direction.

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