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The 1932 NFL championship. inside at Chicago sports stadium. however one amongst the strangest games in Bears history modified the league.

MEXICO CITY – The quarterback spied associate degree open player within the finish zone and hurled the ball down. Touchdown.

Or, as they shout here in Mexico: Gooooooool!

At this sports stadium on the northern fringe of capital of Mexico et al love it across the country, the National conference is waging a war on association football.

Every weekend, thousands of kids converge on association football fields regenerate to gridirons to play in an exceedingly flag conference sponsored by the NFL. The aim is to make a lot of soccer fans in United Mexican States – one amongst the league’s quickest growing international markets – and to begin them young.

For a protracted time, the foremost well-liked quite leather in United Mexican States was chicharon, items of deep deep-fried pork rind. however football is speedily growing in quality due to the aggressive push by the NFL.

The league has smitten new deals with prime Mexican brands and has joined with cable suppliers to grant viewers access to 9 games every weekend. Retired and current NFL players fly right down to host soccer clinics, and also the Miami Dolphins cheerleading squad holds tryouts in capital of Mexico that have enclosed photograph shoots at the known Nahuatl ruins of Teotihuacan.

On Sunday, the league can bring associate degree actual game to United Mexican States for the second time in 2 years once the metropolis Raiders and also the geographic region Patriots play at United Mexican States City’s renowned Estadio Azteca, that seats eighty seven,000. Tickets for the event sold get in minutes.

The league’s enlargement in United Mexican States has fueled questions on whether or not it’d ever move a team there, however NFL executives say several stadiums ar too archaic.

American football has been contend in United Mexican States for a century however did not extremely take hold till the Nineteen Seventies, once tv stations here started broadcasting NFL games. Over the last decade, the quantity of NFL fans in United Mexican States has quite doubled to twenty.6 million, aforementioned Arturo Olive, World Health Organization manages the NFL’s operations in United Mexican States.

That means a lot of individuals standardization in to games and shopping for official league merchandise and a lot of profits from licensing and support deals. The NFL, whose revenues last year were reportable to be a record $14 billion, declined to mention what proportion it makes from United Mexican States.

And whereas that alternative soccer – association football – remains the king here, the yank version is proliferating, with a lot of associate degreed a lot of groups at the highschool and faculty levels and NFL jerseys an more and more visible fashion statement.

Statistician Nate Silver estimates the quantity of NFL fans in capital of Mexico at one.5 million, quite in city and urban center combined, and quite thrice the fan base in London, wherever the NFL holds many games annually. On any given Sunday, bars around capital of Mexico screen the weekend’s hottest games
McCarthy explained however the sports stadium unbroken its own provide of dirt and repeatedly reused it as a cost-saving live. Over time, the soil collected associate degree aggregation of sticks, smoke butts, associate degree occasional elephant tusk tip and regardless of the circus animals born out of their hind ends.

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