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Are Bears OK if Mitch Trubisky does not throw a season pass?

“We’re positively obtaining challenged enough,” Trubisky aforesaid. “That’s not even a matter, simply going against our defense daily.”

Of course, once Trubisky is not enjoying associate degree opposing team in a very game, it is tough for outsiders to determine the quarterback’s progress as he enters his third season.

The Bears wish Trubisky to check that throws he will build in observe – generally resulting in the picks – however will that mean he will not build those mistakes in a very game setting? once the Bears defense makes an enormous play, was it as a result of that unit is working significantly well or as a result of Trubisky is struggling?

“We notice that, look, you are going against associate degree experienced secondary, a front seven that has and represents challenges, and they are wiggling with confidence and aggressiveness,” quarterbacks coach Dave Ragone aforesaid. “So we glance at that as, hey, let’s match that. And if we do not match it, why did not we tend to match it? every play may be a match for United States.

“This is after you wish to be tested at quarterback. you wish to travel through it in coaching camp. you wish to travel through it if you get your probability in season. as a result of once the regular season hits, you are into scout-team appearance and every one that. you wish your best versus best.”

As the Bears stirred into Halas Hall from Bourbonnais on, Nagy and Trubisky met within the early-morning hours Tuesday to recap their impressions of coaching camp and also the next steps within the offense’s preparation for the opener.

Despite Trubisky’s occasional hiccups in camp, each left the meeting with positive vibes regarding wherever the offense is headed in its second season beneath Nagy.

“We threw heaps at myself and also the offense throughout coaching camp,” Trubisky aforesaid. “Whether it’s adding additional new stuff or propulsion back a touch bit and keeping it straightforward – permitting the offense to play quick, permitting American state to play quick – he simply needs American state to travel out there and be the purpose guard. Distribute the ball to our playmakers. that is very all I’ve have to be compelled to do among this offense. simply be prime of everything. still master it, undergo it, recognize what I’ve have to be compelled to do among my job and acquire the ball to the playmakers.”

Nagy aforesaid he’s “cautiously optimistic” regarding wherever the offense is and thinks he and Trubisky area unit on constant page.

“Let American state tell you something: We’re in a very fantastic spot immediately,” Nagy aforesaid. “I love wherever we’re at. Not one issue has modified with our offense generally. I feel specific. It’s fun testing it out.”

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