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Bears still have uphill climb to playoffs…

The Bears have won 3 consecutive games to boost to 7-6 on the season and stay in contest rivalry. however they’re still extreme long shots to urge there.

That’s part due to the state of the NFC contest race: With the Vikings presently the vi seed at 8-4, a 10-6 record isn’t any guarantee of creating the playoffs. And it’s part due to the Bears’ schedule: They’re at city in Week fifteen, home against the Chiefs in Week sixteen and at American state in Week seventeen. The Bears are underdogs altogether 3 games, unless Aaron Richard Rodgers, Saint Patrick Mahomes or church Cousins misses a game.

The clearest path to the playoffs for the Bears involves winning their 3 remaining games whereas the Vikings and Rams every lose double. And that’s not a very clear path the least bit.

The Bears presently appear as if a hot team early in December, however it’ll in all probability end up to be deficient, too late

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