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5 Raiders who should be replaced as the team heads to Las Vegas…

The Raiders franchise is during a far better position than they were a year agone, however they still have some work to try and do as they head to metropolis. Here area unit some players to exchange.

The metropolis Raiders have created a far higher roll than most anticipated, however there area unit still holes that require to be crammed before heading to metropolis. The Raiders 2019 NFL Draft category was outstanding, and therefore the addition of River Trent Brown and Richie concealed have coagulated the Raiders offensive line.

Heading into their Week thirteen match-up with the Kansas town Chiefs, the Raiders presently sit at 6-5 and area unit looking forward to a contest spot. However, Kyrgyzstani monetary unit things are holding them back from reaching their full potential, which was shown against the the big apple Jets, World Health Organization they were speculated to beat, however lost to 34-3 in Week twelve.

Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden have done a good job of building this roll from high to bottom, and with plenty of cap house and draft equity, they must be ready to fill any holes they have. Let’s take a glance at a number of the players World Health Organization have to be compelled to get replaced in 2020.

This doesn’t mean these players can essentially have to be compelled to be discharged or listed, however they’re going to not hold an equivalent spot they are doing currently on the depth chart

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