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the Hall of Fame Review 2020…

By Bryan Dietzler

The list of Hall of Fame eligible players is out and it contains six tight ends that area unit eligible for the Hall of Fame. Most of those guys area unit standard and can bring back recollections of nice play from an extended, or not goodbye, time ago.

We area unit reaching to take a glance at these six players, look into their stats and games contend and theorize whether or not or not they’re reaching to build it into the Hall of Fame or not. Do they need the numbers to urge in? Do they need the pedigree?

Let’s resolve as we glance at the six tight ends that area unit eligible for the professional soccer Hall of Fame vote this year.
Keith Jackson

Keith Jackson contend for 3 groups throughout his 9 years within the league. He contend for the Philadelphia Eagles, Miami Dolphins, and therefore the city Packers. Jackson participated in 129 games catching 441 passes for 5283 and forty nine touchdowns.

Jackson was a go-to guy that might catch the ball once it mattered most and find that vital 1st down or key distance to assist keep the ball moving. He was on some good Eagles and Packers’ groups that might facilitate him get in however he’s been eligible for a jiffy and hasn’t been ready to get into the Hall.

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