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Few words carry additional sheer weight with them than “cancer.” The word itself elicits the complete vary of emotions in nearly everybody that it touches. notwithstanding what age, associate encounter with the malady changes a person’s life forever. For Canton space highschool senior Timmy Ward, cancer created him refocus on what matters most to him in his life; his family, friends, and sports – particularly the sport of soccer
An all-round contestant, as a member of his school’s baseball, track, associated wrestling groups additionally to being an All-State defensive back in Canton, Pennsylvania, Ward was on the face of it born to vie. Through it all, soccer has long been a passion of his and has taken to the game just like the proverbial duck to water. He began taking part in at a young age, following within the footsteps of his father and uncles, and since then, has ne’er looked back.

“My father compete soccer, my uncles compete soccer, and growing up from a young age, I found a love for it and simply needed to pursue it and find higher at it daily,” aforementioned Ward. “Being ready to hit folks and not get into hassle was simply one thing i actually idolised to try to to. That’s my favorite half concerning taking part in.”

Ward’s life was forever modified once he discovered a lump on his facet before the beginning of the season in 2018. when a diagnostic test, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s malignant neoplastic disease, a kind of blood cancer usually found in youngsters and young adults. The designation hit him arduous, however he knew that fighting cancer would be a bit like the other opponent he had sweet-faced in his life and he resolve to beat it.

“I observed I had cancer on Nov twenty six, 2018,” aforementioned Ward. “In early July, I found a lump in my bodily cavity, that was a swollen lymphoid tissue. we tend to got a meeting with my GP. He didn’t assume it had been something to stress concerning. season started and in concerning August, I noticed [the lump] had gotten larger and nearly firmer. concerning halfway through the season, I met with a doctor to urge a diagnostic test to ascertain what was in it when the season concluded. The week when the diagnostic test I got diagnosed.”
The therapy treatments took a toll on Ward and he incomprehensible important time each on the sphere and within the room his junior year at Canton. However, in March of this year, Ward was ready to ring the bell when his final therapy treatment and he was announced cancer free on May .

“When I initial got diagnosed, I went through denial, shock… all of it,” he said. “At the time, it’s arduous to believe one thing like that might happen to Pine Tree State. i assumed i used to be sleeping and having a nightmare. when a jiffy, i used to be ready to method it and understand what was happening and just about settle for it. I knew i used to be about to beat it and a bit like soccer, I’ll fight and do my best. taking part in sports and my aggressiveness, my not needing to lose – that every one compete a giant half in my having the ability to urge through this furthermore as I did.”

While he ignored on this year’s season, Ward was granted a medical hardship and can be ready to come back next fall to suit up for one final season for the soldiers. For a competition like Ward, it’s a chance he can’t wait to require half in. With the long run looming, Ward appearance forward to obtaining back on the sphere and hopefully continued his soccer career whereas attending school.

“My family and every one my friends and my community very rallied around Pine Tree State and supported Pine Tree State through everything,” he said. “Whatever I required, they created certain I got it. I’ll get to wrestle and play baseball this year and that i very can’t wait to urge out there and vie on the playing area with my friends next season.”

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